• Round Space Heater ———— Product

    2015, ABS, Sheet Metal

    Reviving the dual function of heaters that also served as stoves just by having a flat top, this oil filled space heater allows you to rest a small water kettle on it to keep your drink hot. In this way, this heater serves to keep you warm, inside and out.


  • Narrow Glass Containers ———— Product

    2015, Tempered Glass, Silicone, Metal

    Narrow Glass Containers allows you to see more of what is in your fridge at a glance.

    These modular containers are long and narrow so more can be stacked in the front row of the shelf. This means you spend less time rummaging through containers with the fridge door open.


  • Desk Cubes ———— Product

    2013, Ceramic

    Desks easily become cluttered with various small objects. Desk Cubes is a space to keep these objects easily accessible, yet contained and organized. Having qualities of something that is both open and closed, it is the liaison between leaving items scattered on the desk and hidden within closed drawers.


  • Kintsugi Repairing Glue ———— Product

    2013, Polyurethane Glue Base

    Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold. It takes what is broken and makes it more valuable than before while recording the intimate beauty of how objects naturally wear and break.

    Kintsugi Repairing Glue allows us to extend this philosophy of embracing imperfections and recreating value in broken objects beyond just ceramics. It is a mixture of a polyurethane glue base and metallic powders that can be used to repair objects made of materials such as wood, plastic, glass, and ceramic.

    Kintsugi Wikipedia

  • Scallop Bowl ———— Material Study

    2012, Ceramic

    Designers like to shape forms carefully. In this material study, instead of using the mold making process to replicate a formed object, I thought it would be interesting to create a structure and let nature create the form. The curves on the Scallop Bowl are the result of the push and pull between the plaster, fabric, chipboard frame, and gravity.


  • Math Processes ———— Graphic Study


    When given a set of elements, we can make a limitless variety of combinations by using processes explained by the simple math concepts we learned in grade school: addition, subtraction, multiplication, reflection, etc. Math Processes is a series of graphic results from experimentations with a few of these equations.


  • Cafe Nanoom ———— Service


    In South Korea, Autism goes undiagnosed in many children. It is misunderstood as an extreme illness while mild forms of it continues to disrupt the lives of affected children.

    Cafe Nanoom is a proposal for a network of coffee shops. It combines what is uncomfortable, autism, with what is comfortable, coffee, to slowly reintroduce autism as a common condition that contributes unique and beautiful perspectives to society.

    View Process

  • Hope Radio ———— Product, Service


    Hope Radio is a proposal to educate hard-to-reach children by homeschooling over the radio.

    Hope Radio is developed specifically around the needs of children in developing areas. Modeled after a common children’s toy, Hope Radio is fun to charge unlike the windup radios in the marketplace today. The string used to charge the radio also allows the radio to be worn around the neck, making it portable to children who are running around or carrying siblings.

    View Process – Homeschool Program

    View Process – Radio Device

  • Imprint ———— Product

    2010, ABS

    Imprint is an iPhone case that celebrates aging. It has reveals in the shape of patterns so that over time and use, scratches will imprint onto the phone in a beautiful way. It is an elegant transformation from viewing scratches as a negative behavior to now a positive one.